Design Services

Chef Link Design Innovations:

  • Our design team creates commercial kitchens that provide the highest level of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Our team consults on a per piece basis, provides new start up design, and redesigns existing spaces.
  • We both educate our clients on the secrets of flow and efficiency and introduce them to the newest and best in kitchen innovations.
  • Your space and budget no longer have to feel like great constraints; Chef Link's team knows how to work within any margins and design success for our clients.
  • Chef Link creates strong designs, CAD drawings, and equipment schedules based on the real needs of a hard working, margin-tight industry.
  • Chef Link gets new restaurant's off the ground running and existing restaurants redesigned for greater profitability.

THE BEST PART? - Purchase your equipment from Chef Link and the design and consulting work is FREE!!!

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